Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VMWare - allocate disk space

Today I need to add another free disk for my new project, and my previous blog still works. Here is the steps, I am writing to create a new scsi virtual disk.

1. use vmware workstation to create a new disk 8G, and allocate spaces as well.

2. Start Fedora Core 5, run a terminal.

3. "fdisk -l /dev/sdc" to list the hard disk information, here there is no sdc1 sdc2 etc.

4. "fdisk /dev/sdc" to create a new primary disk with "n", use the all space for sdc1.

5. "mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdc1" to format the disk to ext3 format.

6. edit /etc/fstab, add a line "/dev/sdc1 /opt/marvell ext3 defaults 0 2".

7. Then I can mount /dev/sdc1 by "mount /dev/sdc1", but make sure the empty directory /opt/marvell is created first.

8. use "df" to check.