Friday, May 27, 2016

For the week oil is on up channel, keep my position.

Gold is in lower channel, I have sold out my hgd for profit. There's support at $1210. Wait for position for hgu.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gold, on daily chart it goes down to $1250, there's some support (50 MA) there. Could go even lower to 200 MA there.
On weekly chart it drops for three weeks. so it has pressure to continue goes down obviously.

Last Wednesday brought up the message of Dollar (increase rate possibilities) which cause the stock drop heavily. I was thinking if there's not such message, the gold will go up.

Overall gold is still in bull market (50MA is on top of 200 MA, and 200 MA 's direction it is move up)

My strategy is I am not sale my bull HGU for loss. I still own portion of HGD to cover the loss on HGU.

Next week,

  1. Wednesday again an event day. 
  2. can oil goes up to $50? If it goes to 50, gold will also move up. 

It looks DXY is on up channel, that is why Gold and Silver is losing, can DXY drop next week? doji there, lets wait the direction on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today gold goes to 1250, in the trading time, the HGU and ABX are all up a little bit following yesterday's bearish report.

I would think  it could continue to go low tomorrow.

I sale HGD at beginning of the market with trailing stop loss, but buy it back a bit early. The is hope HGD and HGU close to each other.

I would have the following additional rules for my trading.

1. Always have protect with money. (I main if I have Yin, I should have the money to cover Yang, right now I don't have in my account, which put me to the loss)
2. After sale a stock to take profit and buy it back I should buy with less money.

Yesterday HGU drops larger than HGD, that is difficult the two are not balanced. so everytime I make money, when I enter back, I should always put less from what I earned.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

After two bull day for this week, it finally turns to bear today (Event Wednesday).

Monday I bought HGU, yesterday sold to take profit, but this morning I bought it back. then it drops 5 dollar per stock.

My HGD is profiting finally, but I am  not put it on sale because I don't know whether it will drop over night.

Three factors are  important for trading at stock market, first is defence (for a monk, the defence is their precepts, for me as a trader, I follow my rules (or discipline).

One rule is when stock drops I don't sale and buy it at lower price, it does not work for me, because I may miss to buy before it goes up)
the second rule is when stock drops, and I already have one, I don't buy it at already lower price, because the stock could go even lower, and I will be imbalanced (to put too much position on the losing stock)

To support my two rule, when the stock "yin" drops, I buy "yang" to cover the loss of "yin", after sale yang, I wait "yin" to go back, or buy "yang" again to fence off  "yin" .

Now my problem this week is I don't have enough cash to cover all three yin-yang stocks. for gold and silver, I can only cover one with my cash. (reality, I have to cover gold and abandon silver for now, silver is less volatility)

The second factor is the ability to keep unmoved.(the samadhi power) This is a practise, you are not moved by the wind of market, for the wind I mean the emotions of greed and fear.

The last factor is the ability to win (wisdom). Currently I am still in loss. It will come when I practice the first two really good. For win, here are the things I am looking for:
- candlestick & bollinger bands for a good setup to enter
- weekly chart after a week, and determine the trend for the next week
- chart for years, determine the overall trend currently. (hold for longer position)
so far I put longer position on gold, silver  and oil they are all bull (my previous post), but this week it is bearish on gold and silver.

Just keep practice.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gold and Silver are in bull trend

For gold and silver, the trend is BULL right now, and they just break the lowest low (like oil), so it is a good time to invest.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

For Silver and Gold Weekly chart, for the past two weeks it is bear, I think it will be bear for the next week too. For Oil daily chart, it is also bearish, so holding all bear will be strategy for the next week.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Take profit for silver HZD.  I entered yesterday, that's a good enter point.