Monday, October 29, 2007

tftp - on marvell device

My marvell device(PXA300) seems only work on static ip. I use HyperTerminal as emulator on Windows, with ifconfig, I got "", while my workstation ip is, and my vmware Fedora Core 5 is I don't know how to connect the device to my linux host, but here is how it works on my workstation.

- I change my workstation ip to "", gateway to ""
- Then on HyperTerminal, I can "ping", and on workstation I can "ping"
- On workstation(XP), I download and install tftp server. (Let google help to find one)
- Setup tftp, that is, start or stop tftp server, I would say my tftp server is local.

- on HyperTerminal:

tftp -p -r blah (send blah to workstation)
tftp -g -r clock.txt (get clock.txt from workstation)