Friday, October 26, 2007

Common Lisp - startup

1 Pick up a Lisp implementation.

- sbcl (my current choice)
- OpenMCL, but I am not sure OpenMCL is dieing or NOT (I would like to give it a try on my MacBook.)

2 Setup development

- slime (always using the cvs version, from Marco's slime movie.
- Emacs (I would choose carbon Emacs instead of aquamacs, build Emacs from cvs is also an option, but I got a failure, is that a bug in current development version)

3 Tutorial

- slime movie, rich on coding and debugging with slime, also with Emacs tricks I never know!
- Practial Common Lisp (suggest by David Steuber)
- ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham (I own this book)

4 Community

- usenet comp.lang.lisp
- #lisp on

5 Where to start next

- time (1 or 2 hours quite time on MacBook)
- starter project (programming on lisp - algorithm first Red black tree)