Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Trolltech is an amazing company which produces a lot of interesting staff, Qt, KDE, Qtopia, Greenphone etc. It did contribution to the Free Software world, but it also make profits by commercial license fees. I don't know the opinion of RMS to Trolltech, but I know he is against Lessor GPL. I have a mixing feeling to Trolltech. I'm stand on GNU side in spirit, but make a living on GNU's opposite side.

Can you agree "Keep Linux free, use KDE!"? Myself does not use KDE. KDE is the default x window manager by Slackware, and I just find there are many LGPL packages with KDElibs, here is a reference.

I noticed a news related to Trolltech today, that is, it will make Qtopia Phone Free. Is that true? and When? Because when I worked on Qtopia Phone several month ago, I was with a commercial version.