Monday, October 1, 2007

cweb - the way to coding

I found Knuth's image here.

I think I learned 3 things from Knuth. One, life is too short; Second, code can be beautiful; Third, math is for God?

CWEB is developed by Knuth & Levy. I am using CWEB again in my job. Basically I don't have a design for what I am doing, and I am using C language to solve my problems, then I can use CWEB. The good for using CWEB is -- code is always followed by my thoughts, so the Tex part of CWEB is my thoughts, and Code part is what I would sent to the compiler. What amazing me is my current work is mixing the channel of sound in a mixer, while in coding CWEB acts as a mixer on code and thoughts.

There are two other things I would mention with CWEB. One is doxygen, I didn't use it for my design. Doxygen is a wonderful tool good at on showing source code design. I use it a lot in my work. But with CWEB I can see the progress on the design and solving my problems, just with C language.

The second thing I want to mention is Wiki, I use wiki a lot, because I want to document what I learned. Wiki is a fast way to take notes. I think CWEB, Doxygen and Wiki make sense to me, because my way of coding is more like documenting it well. Documenting gives me the sense of solving problems, and also for reference.