Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thinkpad 130 - install fc5

Yesterday, I made linux installed on my thinkpad 130. That's a wonderful experience, guess what, I have failed a thousand times playing my thinkpad with linux in all these years. I bought it maybe around 2000, that's 7 years and it works fine except the battery and sometimes the fans got noisy. The best is its LCD, compared to my ibook G4 which I bought last year, I have to say Apple's LCD is tooooo bad. I used to install Redhat or Debian on thinkpad but with a problem of the sound card, I just can not figure out the sound card driver, right now FC5 is totally support. Thanks FC5!

You know, my thinkpad is getting old, with CPU Celeron 600, a little bit slow compared to most computers today; only 10G harddisk I have to consider the diskspace because today's software getting bigger and bigger; and CDROM so DVD is not support.

How long will it continue its history while I use it for coding as my interest?