Tuesday, July 24, 2007

slackware & ubuntu - a little update

Yesterday, I continue the setup with Slackware, the new thing for me is xorgcfg which generate xorg config file, I can use my xorg config file from FC5, so it is not too hard for me to config X window. The second thing is the audio setup, the artds sends failure every time I restart the sound service, and what is artds? I don't know. I don't know what is wrong with my audio setup. I have to figure out way with FC5. Slackware is good for learnning linux, because there is something broken.

And another thing I have tied yesterday was ubuntu, ubuntu 7.04 only contains one cd that is very good, and Ubuntu is very impressive in the GUI, the desktop is so wonderful, it is as good as Windows. I thought linux is not as good as Windows in the general opinion, it has a lot lot of bugs in its code (I mean system code) compared to Windows, the good thing is the architecture is simple, but it is so simple not as NT which is carefully designed. Linux is not designed while NT is carefully designed.

In the Linux world, what I can believe? gcc, make, emacs, gdb, cscope. There are a lot of tools that were built with UNIX philosophy. And on GUI, there are gnome and KDE, now gnome seems also became stable then before. I believe C, but not C++. Maybe a linux devloper that don't use debug tools, they found bug thorough code review? gdb is not very good I think, especially in C++, cscope is also not good at C++. So I would not use C++ myself in linux world. It is unbelievable to see Qt in the Linux world.

Linux for me is a great place to learn programming. For example I learn python to configure my own FVWM.