Thursday, July 19, 2007

Amarok -- GNU's itune

Several days ago I watched some video presented by RMS, he suggests don't buy Microsoft's, Apple's blah blah, he even mentioned itunes and ipods. Don't use them, because they are against FREE SOFTWARE's spirit. Actually I owned an iPod, and don't have a plan to buy an iPhone. I can't reject the beautiful things from Microsoft and Apple's, even my life is bind ed to Microsoft a lot -- I am a programmer. On the other hand, I respect RMS, I like GNU software such as using emacs every day. Are free software my future? I don't know, but I liked GNU software, that is the trueth, and I want to participate in GNU area, and I am quite happy currently programming with GNU tools, although my product is a commercial software with license needed. (I think that's a problem for future, I have to take steps to make things happen, I mean to be a FREE SOFTWARE programmer.)

Today, I found Amarok, which is an audio player built with KDElibs, so it can only be used by linux.