Friday, July 6, 2007

smb4k - browse share folders in the net work

smb4k is a very basic tool to browse share folder in the local network. I just learn to use it. The main problem is the setup, and it could be true that using vmware that make browsing share folders more difficult.

The following command tool help me shoot the problem.

smbclient -U markc -W QSLCGY01 -L //QSLFILE01
mount -t cifs //QSLENG04/Qt -o 'user=markc,pass=mypassword,workgroup=QSLCGY01' /mnt/Qt
smbtree --user=markc%password
/usr/bin/smb4k_mount --suid -t cifs //QSLENG04/Qt /mnt/Qt -o user=markc@QSLCGY01,password=mypassword

One benifit is -- without VMWare share folders (I still did not figure out how to share my folder to FC5), I can locate my XP directory.

There are some problems I met:
- KWallet is disabled in FC5.
- Share folders are not shown in the computer

What works to me: manual mount
Share: //QSLENG13/markc
IP: (note: not
Workgroup: QSLCGY01
And authentication user name markc and password.