Monday, July 23, 2007


Yesterday as Sunday, I spent all my day on the download and install of slackware, all the 6CD need to be download, and I also experience burning failure with my download using bittorrent, is that a bug in my bittorrent or record sonic? -- sometimes it report failure but it actually download completely in the termarilly folder as I checked. The six iso are in the same name (of directory) cause the problem? Maybe I have to set them to different folders manually?

The install process keep the same -- I feel the way did not change too much as I first use Slackware about six or seven years ago. For example, I use fdisk to config swap (82), and the linux disk (83), luckly I know those before, it is totally inconvenient compared with FC5.

The X setup is also a nightmare, and I did not have too much the time to do that yesterday, so I will continue setup X today.

Why I have given SlackWare another chance, should I abandoned it since FC5 was quite fit my need. Because Slckware is my first chioce when I hit to linux world? Because some people they are not abandoned it?