Monday, January 19, 2009

0 Usually I use this blog to take notes on computer programming, and there's not really my thoughts. I would change this style and use the blog to write more my thoughts.

1 Last Friday, my wife and I went to TD bank to sign our new house mortgage paper. Our new house mortgage is $1400 CAD/month, compared to our current town house $600CAD (mortgage) + $200 (condo fees). What a difference! Our current living is convenient, just not luxury. The community is not very good but at least safe. We will move to Kincore in the north west, is it really make a difference? But the pressure in finance is some thing that I started to feel, we currently use the money in three ways. First, the living cost (house mortgage & condo fees, cost for two cars, food & electricity & water & gas etc). Second, some money to my parents in China although they don't need it (the money just gave them some more security feelings). Third, money donated to the monastery or other charity. Now I am starting to think do I have enough money for donation or support my parents? we need to calculate to make the balance.

2 Last Sunday, I did not get up early to go to the monastery for the morning ceremony at 8:00. Instead, I stayed in the bed for resting --. And I decide not go to monastery the day. Now I feel that was a good decision. In the afternoon, we went to the zoo for several hours. The weather was very good with sun shine that we did not feel cold wind, the snow is melting. The boy was happy to see the animals again, and we had really a good time to stay as a family that all of us enjoyed. I think spending the time with family is somewhat better than going to the monastery chanting and bowing to the Buddha & Bodhisattva. The goal is to get rid of the hatred/greed/desire etc in mind no matter what methods to choose.