Friday, July 25, 2008

Wind generation from Audacity-Nyquist

Audacity is a free audio editor for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. What I found the interesting thing is -- it support writing plugins with Nyquist. Well, Nyquist is a Lisp enhancement for audio/synth based on a common language -- XLISP. XLISP is a very old Lisp Language with support of object-oriented concept such as "class", I print the manual, and the date for the manual is 1988.

So I have the platform to do the following:
1. Experiment writing in Lisp.
2. To Learn the two most common parts in DSP (DFT and Digital filters)
3. Learn audio processing (gain, db etc)

Wow, in my life I am eager to learn all these three parts, but I have not get any benefits even I have put years of time. I just could not understand. I think it may take more years. I am just not smart enough. But any way it is my direction.

Below you will hear wind, I generate it based on David R. Sky's Wind plugin. I am using Audacity 1.3.5, and the wind is a mono audio. It fails when I set it to stereo, not sure what is wrong with it.

note 20080818: I have removed the wind flash link.