Monday, July 21, 2008

audacity - build & install on FC5

The default audacity package does not have mp3 built as default on FC5. So I spend some time to build my own audacity on FC5.

1. Install libmad. This is the mp3 decoder library. I directly found a previous build at here.

2. Install libsndfile. (It is already there).

3. Build wxGTK. Since the default wxGTK is 2.4.2 (audacity 1.2.5) and I am try to build audacity 1.3.5 which needs wxGTK 2.6.1 plus, I have to uninstall the default install package.

Also, make sure gtk is installed. (FC5 default contains these libs). Following is the script to build wxGTK (2.6.4).

./configure --with-gtk --enable-gtk2
make install

And "wx-config --list" is a useful command to list how wxGTK is configured.

4. Build audacity.

make install

5. Fix libwx_gtk shared libary with ldconfig. Since my build shared library is installed at /usr/local/lib. So I have to do some fix with "/etc/". I creat and edit a file named "audacity-i386.conf" in /etc/ directory of FC5, just add a line "/usr/local/lib", and do "/sbin/ldconfig". To check result use "/sbin/ldconfig -v".

6. Launch audacity to open a mp3 file to see is it work.


To query a package (for example wxgtk) on FC5. I want to know what the package name is, is it installed on the system, and the version number etc.
I use "yum info wxgtk" to get the package information, but some times I have no idea with the package name, so I use the following command to find out:

rpm -q -a | grep -i wxgtk