Saturday, August 18, 2007

slackware 12 - a little update on thinkpad r61i

The past week digging into thinkpad is not easy for me --

The first problem I met is the audio did not work, I don't know when it started to mute, after do a lot of research, even reinstall the whole system--. Right now the audio works on my thinkpad, but thanks people in the internet, they have got the same trouble, I did know the mixer problem, and only volume up button works, the mute and volume down button don't work.

And I build the latest linux kernel, right now I am using the default IEEE80211 module provided by the kernel, the 1.2.17 version seems can not build for the new kernel. And there is still no ipw3945 in this kernel. But my ipw3945 -1.2.1 works with the module, so I am OK using the wireless.

Still in learning slackware 12 and my new laptop.