Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Book - The C Programming Language

Write a post is different then write a program, if you have nothing intested to say, be quiet. That is a rule in programming on Unix. But for write a post, I don't have to follow the rule when i don't have any interesting things to say.

I am talking about the book "The C Programming Book" by KR. Despite the high price, I bought it from Chapters. Is that good value for me? yes, I think so, a C programmer need to have such a book. C language is not too hard to follow or learn, and this book is 270 pages including the index. I have already grasp the C language, so I don't learn the language from this book. But the point is, I want to know how C inventer think about C language, how they use it, it is interested to me, so this book give me the idea.

C "wears well as one's experience with it grows".

There are several points I want to confess:

1. C language and Unix. C is invented for programming on Unix, so unix is C's target, especailly the C standard library contains the interface to Unix OS. To use a language, understand well about the target is one of the keys. Note the book does not talk about the OS, it focus on Lanuage its self.

2. Algorithm and Data structures. They are important but, the book does not cover these two area, although it has code to implement fast search. Still the focus is the language itself.

3. The way to learn a lanuage, is to write programs. This book contains a lot of asignments, to modify code, or write code with what it present. We are be certain when we write programs with the language.

4. The auther write the book on the stand of the user point, so it is not top down, but on the same level as the user.