Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hello World!


It's my first blog here.

I am a software programmer, and I am using the following tools every day:

emacs - my main editor, but I can do a lot of things with emacs. First of all, it has a calender and diary inside, so I can make notes from my brain, and I use emacs-wiki, it is another tool to make notes, the benifit is it can publish to html format. I use both tools the first is for informal and the later is better in formal information. And I use eshell everyday, basically I am command line fan. And don't forget I use emacs to browse, edit files in my machine. And emacs can work with other tools such as cvs, find, diff. So in my mind emacs is such a powerful tool, it effects my every life. The last thing I want to mention with emacs is I also learn programming with elisp (a language in emacs), it is fun to programming on that so I can do experimenting with some ideas.

FireFox - Web browser. It is the key to read blogs, check news, and visit forums, blahblah.