Thursday, June 28, 2007

fvwm - On fedora 5 VM machine

Fvwm is my choice of window manager on linux, it seems a little obsolete at today 21 century, but I love it's simple and fast.

Here is the way to install: first "yum install fvwm", that is definitely, but you also need this package -- switchdesk, using it will avoid all the manual change of the startup scripts. Use switchdesk is super easy -- "switchdesk fvwm".

The next thing is config the desktop, I use a package from here. It does not contains a lot of stuff, farely suit my development puperpose.

Right now, the problem using the built fvwm by Fedora is, it does not include the xft, so I can only use the basic font. Otherwise, everything should be ok.

For windows managers, usually fvwm is my first choice, I also choose sawfish (on gnome) before, it seems sawfish is not updated for 2 or 3 years, is it died? I don't know.