Thursday, September 11, 2008


My Macbook died a week ago, yesterday I got it back from west world who repaired it. The harddrive is changed, but all the data are lost.

I use all the systems (windows, Linux), but feel extremely addicted to Mac OS X. It mainly changed my way of surfing internet. Here is the trick:

1. delicouse2safari: save my delicious bookmarks to safari
2. Launchbar: rescan all the bookmarks, then I am ready to use.

The new Firefox (version 3.01) is released, yesterday I saw the new face on Mac for the first time, I don't feel it looks better than on the PC, but it works fine. I've been using vimperator for quite a while, it gave me quick access with firefox using vim-style key binding, but as the firefox3 pop up, I feel difficulty with vimperator. So I disable this add-on, hope the author of vimperator can improve it. (The most unhappy experience with vimperator, is I did not see tabs on the gui, although I can type "tabs" to show all the tabs in the buffer. I would like to see the tabs bar, not sure where the problem is)