Wednesday, February 20, 2008

setup a website -

I spent a whole night to setup a new website, I feel I need to create a site on Buddhism (in Chinese). To register and setup my host account with Godaddy is so efficient, they are doing a great job.

RapidWeaver - I have fiddling it for a little while, liked or dis-liked, but it should be a top 10 Mac application. I used it to create and weave my pages and publish to my website, it also includes some nice and clean themes. The forum of RapidWeaver is quite good.

Ralf Simple Theme - A quite nice theme I choose when I don't want to use the default themes from RW.

webyep - I may feel sad with RW until I found the Webyep plugin, I have never imagen to use CMS but I like the idea, especially when I found it is developed by the guys who bring LaunchBar, while LaunchBar is so impressive to me and it is my #1 Mac Application.

Still need learning to fill the gap, but here is my website, still in construction.