Tuesday, December 18, 2007

dsfoo - with vcscommand

As I check Google code, it works with vcscommand which is a vim plugin.

For Windows user, to use Google code, has to install svn first, I download "svn-1.4.3-setup.exe" for the Windows version, and it works well with my vim. (Mostly I would like to use svn on Linux or Mac platform, but I also need my vim work on Windows)

using vcscommand with vim is quite simple.

- install vcscommand to vim 7.0
- checkout dsfoo with svn (demonstrates with my previous blog)
- find help :help vcscommand, the document is great!
- :VCSLog, :VCSDiff check the log and difference, use zz to close the buffer.
- :VCSCommit -m "commit..." will commit current file in vim, quite easy!

Note vcscommand is not only work with svn, it also works with cvs, the baseline is after you checkout the source code, you can edit the source code with vim, and commit any changes in vim.