Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have a long history of using CVS, but I am still not an expert on using it. Here is a great link , it provides several types of format on learning cvs. I am using the "info" one.

1. First set CVSROOT. I use shellscript:

export CVSROOT=":pserver:markc@xxx.xxx.xxx:2401/cvs/repsitory"

2. login "cvs login "

3. import my package

Here I make a mistake. my package is /devel/src/myproj, but I am in /devel/src, then do an import, it will import everything in /devel/src to myproj. :-(

4. Remove directories and files

cd dir
rm file1 file2
cd ..
cvs remove dir
cvs commit -m " message remove xxx"

5. Add myproj

cvs add myproject

6. check out and update and release
for check out and update, use "-P" option to avoid the empty directories.
"cvs release -d project" will end use of it!