This is my trading page.

  • Candlesticks

As an example of bearish engulfing, it forms under bullish market, and you see a bear candlestick that forms to cover most of previous bull candle, which means the trend is changed. And it is the time to enter short.

  • Bollinger bands

Bolling bands tells me wheather it is in up channel, on down channel.

  • Equilibrium
I am playing Yin and Yang against each other, ideally you just own one, and sale when it makes profit. But if not, I will always buy the other side to cancel the lost.

For example, I bought HOU for one slot, but HOU dropped. When I saw bear is full in control, I am not sale HOU and buy it lower, but buy HOD for a slot and make profit by sale HOD.

  • Money Management
I play with oil, gold and silver YIN and Yang, so totally 6 stocks(HOU, HOD, HGU, HGD, HZU, HZD), but I divide my money for 4 slots. I am playing with those 4 slots. If I make money, I may divide my money to 5 slots.

I will not buy two slots for one stock, such as  HOU.

1. Always have protect with money. (I main if I have Yin, I should have the same amount of money to cover Yang)
2 After sale a stock to take profit and buy it back I should buy with less money.