Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today gold goes to 1250, in the trading time, the HGU and ABX are all up a little bit following yesterday's bearish report.

I would think  it could continue to go low tomorrow.

I sale HGD at beginning of the market with trailing stop loss, but buy it back a bit early. The is hope HGD and HGU close to each other.

I would have the following additional rules for my trading.

1. Always have protect with money. (I main if I have Yin, I should have the money to cover Yang, right now I don't have in my account, which put me to the loss)
2. After sale a stock to take profit and buy it back I should buy with less money.

Yesterday HGU drops larger than HGD, that is difficult the two are not balanced. so everytime I make money, when I enter back, I should always put less from what I earned.