Wednesday, May 4, 2016

  • lavender (20 moving average, bollinger bands)
  • steelblue (50 moving average)
  • khaki (200 moving average)

I tried to use different average lines to determine enter and exit. Usually observe H1 plot on 20 & 50 moving average. If 20 & 50 crosses, it means the trend has changed. Also 200 (or on H4) average line shows the long term trend, which can be used to hold some position. with 20 & 50 I do short trading.

Enter when 20 and 50 average line cross over. Cross Over, exit  due to fear.

Dollar index is switching to up band for this week, can be used for reference on gold (oil and silver).

For silver, I also enter with bear, it also cross over 200 average line.

Oil runs fast compare to gold and silver, silver runs slowest, I can use oil plot for reference on gold and silver.