Friday, April 15, 2016

The YIN and YANG, they are not balanced! The loss will be always more than the profit. So one thing for sure is if I buy the same amount of two stocks and hold for one month, I will have loss for sure. (This is how ETF was designed to eat 95% trader's money) and see the two cross in one month, the second one will be lower than the first one.

Here is my trading system:

  1. baby steps. (use a small amount of money on a small account)
  2. candlesticks +  bollinger (13, 2.618) + stoch (5,3,3)
  3. patience and mindfulness
For patience, in the morning, when stock market opens, I do nothing but sit to recite the shurangma mantra 3 times as my daily routine.

bollinger bands, if the signal is on up channel that means bull (long), otherwise it means bear (short). In my case, I should buy HOU at lower channel, ideally at the low band, or buy HOD at up channel when it touches up band. and follow the swing on and off. The most importance is the set up. (where to buy)

stoch indicator, when over 80 that is over bought or lower 20 means over sold. It provides a different view other than using bollinger bands. My practise of "OM" or AUM, the secred sound. The four stages are silence, A, U and M. A: the sound starts, U, the alive sound and M the sound decays and ends.  when under 20, I call it silence (the death), when it runs above 20, that could be a born, I may not buy  when it drops under 20, need some time to let the soul wanders for a new born. 

To do: stop loss. (I am still not good at on it) also still learning candlesticks.